Alexander Twilight Scholarship for Black Excellence

The Alexander Twilight Scholarship for Black Excellence seeks to support students in their leadership development during their time at Cal Lutheran. The scholarship is awarded to two incoming students (first-year and/or transfer students) and two continuing students.

Incoming students develop their leadership skills through 1:1 mentorship with a continuing student and the Center for Cultural Engagement and Inclusion staff that includes a focus towards becoming an active member of Black Student Union and/or Sister’s Circle. Continuing students are active members of Black Student Union or Sister’s Circle and focus on mentoring incoming students and managing projects specific to Black Student Union and Sister’s Circle. All students are required to spend time in the Alexander Twilight Legacy of Black Excellence space located in the Student Union on a weekly basis.

Supplemental Questions
  1. What does Black Excellence mean to you and how will you help Black Excellence manifest itself at Cal Lutheran?